My first choice is to have those who created Flickr buy it back.

My second choice is to have a kickstarter to crowd-buy the thing.

My third choice is anybody who will save it and not screw it up.

Microsoft’s experience is taking the outstanding iView MediaPro, turning it into Expressions Media and then dumping it. Apple’s is failing with Aperture while trapping everybody inside their silo on ever-changing software with a dumbed-down UI. Facebook doesn’t want to do anything that doesn’t scale to a billion users with no C2B customers. Google is too much of a surveillance operation, and half-blew it with Picasa already. At least Adobe has a tool chain that all the Flickr loyalists use.

Written by

Author of The Intention Economy, co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, Fellow of CITS at UCSB, alumnus Fellow of the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard.

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